Descriptive Study: Subjective Well-Being of Mother with Dyslexia Children who Underwent Therapy During April – June 2019 at Indigrow Child Development Center

Sri Laksmi Wulandari, Gitta Annisa Vania Suganda, Ulfa Prameidita, Ardelia Fadhilah Niswara, Ulfah Yuniar Fauziah, Siti Juwita, Diah Puspasari, Kristiantini Dewi, Purboyo Solek
Dyslexia Association of Indonesia
Indigrow Child Development Center, Indonesia


Having children with dyslexia is a pleasure and a challenging at once. Dyslexia is learning difficulties that is specific to the language area and executive function. The pressure experienced by children also felt their primary caregivers, especially mothers. The pressure are feeling confused with their children difficulties, having communication problem especially when they tried to teach their children. Having no idea about the right parenting method and direction about how long they have to educate their children. These pressures can be important to their the subjective well-being as a mothers of dyslexic children. The purpose of study is to find out the description of subjective well-being of the mother of dyslexic children who underwent therapy during April-June 2019 at Indigrow Child Development Center. This study used quantitative methods and data obtained through questionnaires. The characteristics of the research subjects included mothers who had dyslexic children who underwent therapy during April-June 2019 at Indigrow Child Development Center. From 46 respondents who participated in this study, 43 participants (94%) had moderate well-being, two participants (4%) had flourished well-being and one participant (2%) had languished well-being. Results showed that almost all of the mothers with dyslexic children who underwent therapy at Indigrow Development Center had moderate well-being.

Keywords: subjective well-being, well-being, dyslexia, mothers, happiness, emotional well-being, psychological well-being, social well-being

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